Babel Farah
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Looking for a getaway from the constant stress and daily routine and responsibilities? Babel Farah, an amusement park by international standards is the perfect destination for you.

Designed to serve all family members, Babel Farah, under the ownership of Al Qaswaa United, is located in the city district of Babil, Iraq.
Whether you’re an adult, a student or a child, Babel Farah guarantees you a perfect amount of fun and thrill that will take you to an exciting and unforgettable journey.
Apart from the Park, Babel Farah includes a variety of restaurants offering a variety of menus that serve all tastes.

The project consists of a unique set of international games rides and attractions, such as trains, horses and airplanes, kangaroos, bikes, cars and boats for children all built to offer safety hand in hand with fun.

Not just the children, adults too have their share at Babel Farah, a variety of games such as  the air Cupboard and the ship, the octopus, Discovery & Car collision and many other will guarantee a glorious amount of  delight and fun.
We also offer a large indoor lounge area containing the latest electronic games for all age groups so that the whole family can benefit from it at any time of the day and during all year long since it is accompanied by a modern cooling system, one of the very first in Babil Iraq.

You can also find at Babel Farah an exclusive 9D Cinema that can accommodate up to twenty four people in a very comfortable environment.

Not to forget, our famous fast food restaurant that offers the best and finest meals indoor so you can enjoy your meals comfortably and quietly throughout the year.

Nature has a very important share at our city, that’s why we made sure to include very large green areas throughout Babel Farah. For that purpose, a diversity of trees, plants and flowers were planted and the unique dancing fountains have been equipped to insure our guests a perfect natural and musical atmosphere.

The Babel Farah project is currently under the management of Babylon Development Company, BDC.