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Babylonia is an investment project that shall be held and done by Babylon Development Co. (BDC) s.a.r.l.
 Located in Babel Governorate, 90 Km from Baghdad; Babylonia forms an extension that links two major Iraqi towns: Hillah and the legendary old ancient city of Babylon. Due to its strategic location on the crossroad of Baghdad, Najaf, Karbala, Dywania, and Al Kut and intersected by an express highway, Babylonia makes this new city a potential modern expansion of Hillah.

The Plan

1. Babylonia is a project based on offering services. Although these services may vary, their main purpose remains amusement.
The project contains different semi projects and sections; first semi project is the amusement park where customers enjoy, alongside their families, a variety of activities and a quality leisure time. Other semi-projects will be based on building four wedding Halls of 500 m2 each, a shopping Center, shops, and an aqua and amusement park park covering 20,000 m2 of space which will contain a large diversity of activities designed for both families and individuals that will guarantee an extraordinary experience. The marvelous amusement attractions will definitely become a unique place for the Iraqis in general and families in particular due to the absence of substitutes of such nature in Babylon governorate or the surrounding ones.
2. The technology that will be used by BDC in delivering the listed services to customers is based on international superior quality of amusement attractions.
As for the amusement park, the equipment and machinery will be delivered straight from the classiest manufacturers in Italy and will also be installed by them (Italian Professional Teams) who will make sure to train our local team on taking over the maintenance and operation later on.
As for the aqua park, also the machinery and equipment needed will be all Italian made.
The distinctive machinery and equipment needed to create the two-stage project will ensure customers a great experience and a unique time, knowing that Babylonia will be pioneering with such amusement projects in our area on a high level.

The services that will be provided by the staff working in Babylonia will be a great added value to the project. We insure that an excellent professional level of services and professionalism will be delivered to our customer and will focus on preventing the occurring of problems, and in case of emergency will find the adequate solutions and prevent future accidents.
3. The main market segment targeted by this project is consisting of local families. There will be amusement games, restaurants, wedding lounges, an aqua and amusement park (swimming pools provided with aqua and amusement games and attractions) that  will deliver a high quality entertainment to the whole family and insure to each member a great deal of fun.
Not only Babylon Governorate will benefit from this project but the other adjacent governorates as well, since there's isn’t an availability of similar project in the areas around Babel.

The Location:

The Project is spread on an area of 61,575 m2. It’ll include 4 plots (#42; #114; #115; #162). Its borders consist of a 50-100 M width River (Shat El Hilla) from the West & South sides and an existing road (shore road) on the East & North sides.
Babylonia enjoys an exquisite unique location that will provide the serenity and comfort to its clients, thus making it a perfect getaway.




Time to completion:
Duration needed to complete the project will be approximately 7 years. 

The Program:

1. Road Network infrastructure
To insure the accessibility of the project and predict high car traffic, the plot # 168 will be transformed as a main entrance route to the heart of Babylonia.
More than the half area of the plot# 115 will be transformed into the center of the city.

2. Urban planning program

Our venues will spread on 32,000 m2 divided as the following

- 4 Wedding halls: 2 of 300 seats and the other one for 200 seats with 2000 m2.
- Retail shops of 5,000 m2 with all its facilities. About 75 brands will be displayed to visitors.
- 6 movie theaters: 4 theaters of 200 seats and 2 theaters of 300 seats with all their facilities with 2000 m2. An International distributor will manage the theaters for instance.
- 3000 m2 of restaurants, cafeterias and fast foods. Famous international and Arabic brands will expose their famous and tasty menus as Crepaway, Basma, etc…
- More than 10,000 m2 green public area.
- More than 20,000 m2 of theme park split into 2 main parts: Aqua Park and Amusement with facilities assuring more than 850 cars.


BDC, in collaboration with important Italian manufacturers, will be developing the project.


Environmental Strategy:


BDC is planning to minimize the pollution that may result from using the equipment and the generators by containing and reducing the CO2 emission to the minimum attainable and acceptable levels.
Babylonia also enjoys a perfectly crafted ‘waste disposal’ plan evolving around distributing a lot of waste dumping containers throughout the land occupied by the project, hiring well trained cleaning staff to clean and collect any packs or cups maybe thrown by the customers at the project area, and buying or hiring garbage collecting tracks to move the trash to the dumping areas located by the official government.
Finally, a huge BRC fence will be built and located all-along the shores of Hillah River within the project limits, to prevent any pollution that may arise from throwing and dumping waste materials in the river.


At last but not the least, Babylon will give nature and greenery a substantial share in its investment projects in Iraq. Lush, landscaped, green spaces will be planted permanently in place - maintenance and preservation will be guaranteed.

Thus, each of the BDC projects will be planted with trees and plants, compatible with the location’s existing vegetation to preserve the habitat and flavor of the area. To implement its plan, and in support of Iraqi tree nurseries, BDC will purchase, from local and foreign sources, medium- to large-sized trees, as well as plants and grass.