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The pursuit of recreational happiness is as close as the opportunities that abound on our future project specially Babylonia.  Open Space offers spectacular natural settings for activities ranging from bird watching to hiking, biking and horseback riding.  And, BDC Resort Properties will own and manage a portfolio of high-quality resort destinations, including hotels, world-famous Amusement Parks and beautiful Aqua Parks.


Today, the lands are private and publicly owned, and in the caring hands of a group of people dedicated to remaining responsible stewards and ensuring those future generations may enjoy this paradise of open space land and natural beauty forever.



  • Fun Cafe

    Fun Cafe
  • Babylonia


    Babylonia is an investment project that shall be held and done by Babylon Development Co. (BDC) s.a.r.l.

     Located in Babel Governorate, 90 Km from Baghdad; Babylonia forms an extension that links two major Iraqi towns: Hillah and the legendary old ancient city of Babylon. Due to its strategic location on the crossroad of Baghdad, Najaf, Karbala, Dywania, and Al Kut and intersected by an express highway, Babylonia makes this new city a potential modern expansion of Hillah.

  • Babel Farah

    Babel Farah


    Looking for a getaway from the constant stress and daily routine and responsibilities? Babel Farah, an amusement park by international standards is the perfect destination for you.

    Designed to serve all family members, Babel Farah, under the ownership of Al Qaswaa United, is located in the city district of Babil, Iraq.
    Whether you’re an adult, a student or a child, Babel Farah guarantees you a perfect amount of fun and thrill that will take you to an exciting and unforgettable journey.
    Apart from the Park, Babel Farah includes a variety of restaurants offering a variety of menus that serve all tastes.